Overdependence on Mineral Fertilizers?


In the relentless pursuit of agricultural efficiency, the land beneath our feet has quietly borne the brunt of our ambitions. As we treat the earth as a perpetual cropland, ...

Overdependence on Mineral Fertilizers?2024-02-07T16:03:19+01:00

Composting & biogas plant in Sundern Germany


In recent months, the Swiss company Renergon has planned and built a so-called solid fermentation plant (SSAD plant) at Hellefelder Höhe close to Sundern, Germany. The plant extends the composting ...

Composting & biogas plant in Sundern Germany2020-01-17T10:40:59+01:00

Green waste to biogas in Tägerwilen Switzerland


After years of planning, the ground-breaking ceremony celebrated the start of construction of the biogas plant at the composting plant. The recycled green waste is fed into the Kreuzlingen network ...

Green waste to biogas in Tägerwilen Switzerland2020-01-17T10:01:28+01:00
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