After years of planning, the ground-breaking ceremony celebrated the start of construction of the biogas plant at the composting plant. The recycled green waste is fed into the Kreuzlingen network as biogas.

“It is a milestone in the history of our company,” explained Karl-Heinz Restle, President of Renergon International AG, on the occasion of the start of construction. The plant is the first of its kind in Switzerland to recycle green waste and biogenic residues according to the cantonal biomass concept. “In addition, the biogas plant in Tägerwilen is a starting point for us to launch the technology and process worldwide”. Not only worldwide: According to Restle, two other locations in Thurgau are being targeted by Renergon.

The integration of the existing composting plant would be of great advantage. On the one hand, the amount of green waste required, not only from the special-purpose communities, is available, and on the other hand, the already trained personnel is also on site.

“The potential of biomass is underestimated anyway”, added Restle. The green waste is first of all used for energy production, followed by material recycling in the form of high-quality fertiliser.

Investments of six million Swiss francs

Once the plant has been commissioned, it will produce between five and eight percent of the required amount of Kreuzlingen gas. The sale of this energy covers the investments, which, according to Karl-Heinz Restle, amount to six million Swiss francs and were raised by Bioenergie Tägerwilen AG. He expects a construction period of one year. Experience has shown, however, that the plant still requires preparations and a “start-up operation” before the planned production targets are reached.