Comparison of Biogas Technologies


This article will focus on a comparison and advantages of wet anaerobic digestion, plug-flow and dry digestion. An overview of commonly used biogas digester technologies for anaerobic digestion. ...

Comparison of Biogas Technologies2024-02-05T14:15:06+01:00

Biochar: Simply explained!


Black and inconspicuous from the outside. The huge surface area and porous structures make plant carbon, unique and so valuable for many areas and use. Vegetable carbon is biochar ...

Biochar: Simply explained!2022-02-17T14:15:04+01:00

Biogas Digester explained


Anaerobic Digestion in a Biogas Digester is the process in which bacteria biodegrade organic materials – such as solid animal manure, bio waste, and food waste – in the ...

Biogas Digester explained2022-08-10T10:27:36+01:00

Biogas from Biowaste: Energy for 1200 households


On the Hellefelder Höhe near Sundern in Germany, Renergon has designed and built a so-called dry fermentation biogas plant for high-solids anaerobic digestion. The plant expands the Hellefelder Höhe composting ...

Biogas from Biowaste: Energy for 1200 households2022-08-10T10:21:50+01:00
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