Overdependence on Mineral Fertilizers?


In the relentless pursuit of agricultural efficiency, the land beneath our feet has quietly borne the brunt of our ambitions. As we treat the earth as a perpetual cropland, ...

Overdependence on Mineral Fertilizers?2024-02-07T16:03:19+01:00

Potential of Biomass in AD Technologies


Biomass Potential in Renewable Energy: A Pivotal Innovation in Fermentation Technologies. Our latest infographic offers an in-depth look at how various types of biomass can be optimally utilized in ...

Potential of Biomass in AD Technologies2024-02-02T17:17:28+01:00

Harnessing Methanogenesis


In the beginning, there was a cell, and the cell made methane. This simple act, performed billions of years ago by some of the earliest life forms on Earth, ...

Harnessing Methanogenesis2024-02-20T11:53:13+01:00

Fermenter For Biogas Production Explained


What is a fermenter? Methane fermentation and anaerobic digestion are used to produce biogas from organic waste and leftovers. They are both operated under an anaerobic condition, but the ...

Fermenter For Biogas Production Explained2022-09-05T11:26:07+01:00

Biochar: Simply explained!


Black and inconspicuous from the outside. The huge surface area and porous structures make plant carbon, unique and so valuable for many areas and use. Vegetable carbon is biochar ...

Biochar: Simply explained!2022-02-17T14:15:04+01:00

Anaerobic Digestion explained


Anaerobic Digestion is the process in which bacteria biodegrade organic materials - such as solid animal manure, biowaste and food waste - in the absence of oxygen (o2). Anaerobic ...

Anaerobic Digestion explained2022-09-05T11:28:06+01:00

Biogas Digester explained


Anaerobic Digestion in a Biogas Digester is the process in which bacteria biodegrade organic materials – such as solid animal manure, bio waste, and food waste – in the ...

Biogas Digester explained2022-08-10T10:27:36+01:00



RENERGON是一个国际绿色技术冠军,拥有自己的固态/干发酵(厌氧消化) RSD专利技术,是可再生能源和循环经济项目的示范性广告工厂建设和运营专家。 解决问题 - 从有机废物中提取价值: 根据地区的不同,在创造生物燃料、沼气、 可再生能源、堆肥、肥料、生物炭等有价值的可持续产品方面,全球潜力高达总潜力的60%,始终与全球社会和环境责任相结合。 原料种类繁多: 生物废弃物、绿色废弃物、城市生活垃圾、农业废弃物(稻草)、畜禽粪便(猪、禽、鸡、牛、马)、屠宰副产品。 瑞士精密,德国工艺,全球视野和最先进的技术- RENERGON是一流的B2B解决方案供应商。 #变废为宝#绿色科技 Read more about us on our international page in English.

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