Anaerobic Digestion explained


Anaerobic Digestion is the process in which bacteria biodegrade organic materials - such as solid animal manure, biowaste and food waste - in the absence of oxygen (o2). Anaerobic ...

Anaerobic Digestion explained2022-02-17T11:45:34+01:00

Horse manure in a biogas plant


It is impossible to imagine our society without the horse as a hobby and leisure partner. A horse produces up to 50 kg of dung per day. With about 1.2 ...

Horse manure in a biogas plant2020-02-12T14:01:46+01:00

Comparison of common biogas technologies


Source: Wikipedia wet fermentation plug-flow fermentation dry fermentation (SSAD) water requirement range of substrates tolerance to impurities tolerance to inhibitors risk of process failure odor emissions energy consumption ...

Comparison of common biogas technologies2022-02-17T14:04:39+01:00

Dry Fermentation of organic waste and manure


Dry fermentation (SSAD) in a biogas plant involves the fermentation of organic feedstocks to produce biogas under anaerobic conditions (without atmospheric oxygen). The solid fermentation plant consists of drivable, ...

Dry Fermentation of organic waste and manure2022-02-17T12:11:48+01:00
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