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The current crisis clearly shows that there can be no “business as usual” in the energy sector. Not only because of climate protection but also because of rising raw material prices and dependence on fossil imports, rapid conversion of our energy sources is required. The order of the day: domestic production of renewable energy, and in relation to the gas grid as an ideal, cost-effective storage facility, the production of renewable gas, to diversify our gas supply.

Biogas represents a readily available and future-proof alternative. With biogas from organic residues and waste from decentralized, local production, it is possible to cover a significant part of the national gas demand in the medium term and thus ensure greater security of supply.

Across Europe, associations and governments are currently working on concerted measures to significantly increase energy security and price stability using “green gas” in the coming months and years.

What are the advantages of biogas from organic residues and waste?

  • Strong increases in gas prices also drive up prices for biomethane

  • More attractive framework conditions and subsidies in preparation

  • Nationwide increase in acceptance of biogas projects

  • Raw materials for biogas production are still available “unused” in large quantities

  • No crops are grown for our biogas plants, only organic residues and waste are used

Anaerobic Digestion Scheme Renergon

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