Here you will find know-how about biogas, biogas production, biogas plants, organic fertilizer and biochar. Renergon – Your partner for innovative biogas technology. We stand for sustainability, local value creation, as well as closed material cycles, focusing on a clean and livable environment through renewable energy and fuel from the biogas plant, as well as healthy soils through compost, fertilizer and biochar. We start where the conventional liquid biogas plant and plug flow plant reach their limits. Dry fermentation enables the fermentation of dry and fibrous substrates (dry matter TS content : 20%-55%). These organic wastes and residues (substrates) are for example: organic waste, green waste, food residues, solid manure (horses, cattle, pigs) poultry dry manure or crop residues.

Comparison of biogas technologies


This article will focus on a comparison and advantages of wet anaerobic digestion, plug-flow and dry digestion. An overview of commonly used biogas digester technologies for anaerobic digestion. ...

Comparison of biogas technologies2022-09-05T11:31:02+01:00

Biochar: Simply explained!


Black and inconspicuous from the outside. The huge surface area and porous structures make plant carbon, unique and so valuable for many areas and use. Vegetable carbon is biochar ...

Biochar: Simply explained!2022-02-17T14:15:04+01:00

Anaerobic Digestion explained


Anaerobic Digestion is the process in which bacteria biodegrade organic materials - such as solid animal manure, biowaste and food waste - in the absence of oxygen (o2). Anaerobic ...

Anaerobic Digestion explained2022-09-05T11:28:06+01:00

Biogas Digester explained


Anaerobic Digestion in a Biogas Digester is the process in which bacteria biodegrade organic materials – such as solid animal manure, bio waste, and food waste – in the ...

Biogas Digester explained2022-08-10T10:27:36+01:00

Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Calculator


With our free biogas-calculator we would like to give you a first aid to energy potentials and possible proceeds. The calculator is a pre-planning tool that helps you to ...

Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Calculator2021-11-24T11:58:08+01:00

What does a biogas plant cost?


It is not easy to give a simple answer to the question "What does biogas plant cost?" As the total price depends on many factors. Biogas plants for dry ...

What does a biogas plant cost?2020-07-29T08:58:42+01:00

Costs for a biogas plant


What are the investment costs for a biogas plant? The answer to total costs for a biogas plant depends on many factors. As we are based in Switzerland we ...

Costs for a biogas plant2020-07-28T14:51:27+01:00

Dry Fermentation of organic waste and manure


Dry fermentation (SSAD) in a biogas plant involves the fermentation of organic feedstocks to produce biogas under anaerobic conditions (without atmospheric oxygen). The solid fermentation plant consists of drivable, ...

Dry Fermentation of organic waste and manure2022-02-17T12:11:48+01:00
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