Here you will find know-how about biogas, biogas production, biogas plants, organic fertilizer and biochar. Renergon – Your partner for innovative biogas technology. We stand for sustainability, local value creation, as well as closed material cycles, focusing on a clean and livable environment through renewable energy and fuel from the biogas plant, as well as healthy soils through compost, fertilizer and biochar. We start where the conventional liquid biogas plant and plug flow plant reach their limits. Dry fermentation enables the fermentation of dry and fibrous substrates (dry matter TS content : 20%-55%). These organic wastes and residues (substrates) are for example: organic waste, green waste, food residues, solid manure (horses, cattle, pigs) poultry dry manure or crop residues.

Overdependence on Mineral Fertilizers?


In the relentless pursuit of agricultural efficiency, the land beneath our feet has quietly borne the brunt of our ambitions. As we treat the earth as a perpetual cropland, ...

Overdependence on Mineral Fertilizers?2024-02-07T16:03:19+01:00

Effective Horse Manure Disposal Methods


Proper horse manure management is a crucial aspect of running an equestrian facility or keeping horses. Not only does it contribute to a clean and healthy environment for the ...

Effective Horse Manure Disposal Methods2024-02-05T12:30:50+01:00

Sustainable Energy: The Steinach Biogas Plant


In an exciting move towards sustainable energy solutions, our new Biogas Plant & Composting facility in Steinach, St. Gallen Canton, Switzerland, is setting a new standard in renewable energy ...

Sustainable Energy: The Steinach Biogas Plant2024-02-05T12:45:33+01:00

Potential of Biomass in AD Technologies


Biomass Potential in Renewable Energy: A Pivotal Innovation in Fermentation Technologies. Our latest infographic offers an in-depth look at how various types of biomass can be optimally utilized in ...

Potential of Biomass in AD Technologies2024-02-02T17:17:28+01:00

Aligning Business with RED III for Sustainability


In an era where sustainability is paramount, companies are increasingly looking for innovative solutions to meet environmental regulations and reduce their carbon footprint. The Renewable Energy Directive III (RED ...

Aligning Business with RED III for Sustainability2024-01-23T13:29:23+01:00

Harnessing Methanogenesis


In the beginning, there was a cell, and the cell made methane. This simple act, performed billions of years ago by some of the earliest life forms on Earth, ...

Harnessing Methanogenesis2024-02-20T11:53:13+01:00

Biogas: A Sustainable Path to Energy Security


In today's global energy landscape, marked by volatility and the pressing need for sustainable practices, the transition to renewable energy sources is not just a preference but a necessity. ...

Biogas: A Sustainable Path to Energy Security2024-02-05T14:48:57+01:00

Comparison of Biogas Technologies


This article will focus on a comparison and advantages of wet anaerobic digestion, plug-flow and dry digestion. An overview of commonly used biogas digester technologies for anaerobic digestion. ...

Comparison of Biogas Technologies2024-02-05T14:15:06+01:00

Biochar: Simply explained!


Black and inconspicuous from the outside. The huge surface area and porous structures make plant carbon, unique and so valuable for many areas and use. Vegetable carbon is biochar ...

Biochar: Simply explained!2022-02-17T14:15:04+01:00
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