Together with WECONNEX as well as the other practice partners Bühler und Renergon, the FHS St. Gallen has been working on a new research project together with the Institute for Corporate Management (IFU) since the beginning of April. The aim is to create an ecosystem that will enable NEXUS projects to be initiated more easily and efficiently. The project is being financed by the federal government’s innovation promotion agency (Innosuisse).

With the NEXUS projects, WECONNEX supports the achievement of the global sustainability goals (SDG) of the UNO. When initiating and developing new projects, the greatest challenge lies in the financing of the first phase, where the feasibility, in particular, must be clarified. At these early stages, costs are incurred that investors are rarely willing to bear due to the high risks involved.

The research project addresses this challenge. The goal is to develop and review a business ecosystem concept in which all parties benefit fairly from each other and approaches such as NEXUS can be initiated and implemented more easily and quickly in the future. This would have great social and economic benefits for both Switzerland and the target countries: Swiss companies would be able to develop new markets more efficiently, and target countries would benefit from the establishment of sustainable structures, technology, and knowledge transfer, among other things.

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