Over the last months, we have been very busy with the completion and commissioning of our first huge plant on Chongming Island, near Shanghai. The strict “zero covid” strategy was definitely a challenge in itself. Project-Manager Johannes Warmuth and the local team did an awesome job on site! And, it goes on in China, read more about it soon.

The plant on Chongming Island treats 65,000 t/a of organic material. About 19,000 t/a wheat straw together with 46,000 t/a liquid pig manure being processed. The plant has a zero water concept, which means that all liquid animal manure is consumed by the process, and no surplus liquid will be produced. Dry Anaerobic Digestion is the optimal solution for agricultural and livestock straw.

Biogas is collected from various producers (40 m long fermenter boxes, percolate tank, manure tank), and used for electrical power and heat generation. The heat is used for maintaining the process temperature and providing warm air for the aeration boxes.

  • 65.000 t/a of wheat straw & liquid pig manure
  • Ø570 kWel / Ø625 kWth power generation
  • Post-composting for agricultural use
  • 15.900 tCO2-eq/a emission savings
  • 1.590.000 planted trees equivalent

All processes that might produce odor (solid/liquid separation, biomass-mixing and aeration/drying) are kept inside the hall, which is ventilated and connected to an air treatment system.
Read more in our press release.