Location: Biberach, Germany
Biomass: Yard and grain waste, horse manure
Quantity: 17.000 t/a
Biogas: 1.920.000 Nm3/a
Performance: 445 kW el. Ø
0 homes
0 t/y
CO2 compensation

Biberach, Germany

In Germany, about 4.8 million tonnes of green waste are collected each year via pick-up and delivery points. Only 5% of this waste is energetically exploited.

Preceding energy exploitation creates a sustainable added value of renewable energy, such as the production of electricity and heat. Andreas Zell uses a solid fermentation plant to produce electricity for the public power grid and heat for his own use as well as for the heating grid. The digestate is then dewatered, ventilated and processed into quality compost.

Performance of the biogas plant:

• Solid fermentation of garden and park waste, as well as horse manure and grain waste
• High peak load power supply for 1,000 households (4 persons), heat for the local heating network
• Nitrogen flushing of the fermenter boxes to minimize emissions
• Housed plant with exhaust air cleaning to minimize odor emissions
• CO2 savings: at least 2,000 t/a (at 182-191 kg CO2-equ./t bio-waste)
• Quality compost for organic agriculture and gardening