Location: Gaziantep, Turkey
Biomass: Organic waste
Quantity: 22.000 t/a
Biogas: 2.080.000 Nm3/a
Performance: Ø 500 kWel. / Ø 560 kWth.
0 t/a
CO2 savings

Sustainable waste management in Gaziantep
Gaziantep, Turkey

In Gaziantep, a vibrant Turkish metropolis that is home to many Syrian refugees, a major project has become a reality that is changing the city’s infrastructure for the long term. The construction of a mechanical-biological waste treatment and biogas plant as part of the “Turkey Resilience Project in Response to Syria Crisis (TRP) – Municipal Service Delivery Component”.

The MBT project is one of the largest implementations of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Designed as a comprehensive waste treatment facility, it aims to support the local economy and the municipal budget while providing environmentally friendly solutions to the growing waste problem.

The process at the plant begins with the separation of organic and recyclable waste, with biogas from the biodegradable waste being used to generate electricity.

Another important aspect of the project is to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in Gaziantep’s central landfill.

The Gaziantep plant is a shining example of how modern technology, environmentally conscious management and economic considerations work together to pave a sustainable and responsible way forward. It serves as a showcase project for other cities facing similar challenges.