Location: Küsnacht, Switzerland
Biomass: Green waste, grain residues
Quantity: 8.000 t/a
Biogas: 800.000 Nm3/a
Performance: 202 kW el. Ø
0 homes
0 t/a
CO2 savings

Küsnacht, Switzerland

Sustainability is a top priority in the picturesque municipality of Küsnacht on Lake Zurich. An impressive turnaround in waste recycling has taken place here: organic waste that used to end up as compost is now converted into green energy using an innovative process. The new biogas plant is a symbol of this change and of the respectful use of resources.

From green waste to methane gas

In Küsnacht, green waste is no longer just composted, but also used to generate energy. A biogas yield of 800,000 cubic meters is generated from 8,000 tons of green waste per year. This process helps to save 1,280 tons of CO₂ equivalents every year. The energy generated – an average of 202 kilowatt-hours of electricity – is enough to supply 400 households.

At the heart of the plant are the four fermenter boxes, also known as garage fermenters. They are sealed airtight and provide the ideal space for the bacteria, which break down organic substances over three to four weeks and produce methane gas in the process. This process takes place under anaerobic conditions, i.e., without oxygen. The methane gas that is produced is used in a combined heat and power plant to generate both electricity and heat.

Sustainability and citizen participation in Küsnacht

The biogas plant in Küsnacht is not only a prime example of the production of renewable energy, but also of citizen participation. Residents can bring their garden cuttings to the plant and receive up to 200 liters of high-quality compost per year in return – free of charge. This not only promotes the circular economy, but also raises awareness of the importance of recycling and resource conservation.

The plant in Küsnacht impressively demonstrates that the path to a sustainable energy future is not only possible through large-scale projects, but also through municipal initiatives. With every organic waste that is converted into energy, the municipality makes an active contribution to environmental protection and the conservation of fossil resources. This is how green energy is created in Küsnacht – for a clean future and a green tomorrow.