Location: Wängi, Switzerland
Biomass: solid manure (turkey, horse, cattle), green waste
Quantity: ≤ 3.000 t/a
Biogas: 200.000 Nm3/a
Performance: 45 kW el. Ø
0 homes
0 t/y
CO2 compensation

Tuttwil, Switzerland

In Tuttwil, Switzerland, plant operator Kolumban Helfenberger and his team process solid manure and green waste from neighboring communities in a compact biogas plant. On his farm with an attached turkey house, the farmer proves how successful and ecologically sustainable this can be.

Performance of the biogas plant:

• Solid fermentation as a supplement to turkey fattening
• Processing of manure from turkeys and cattle
• Power supply for up to 170 households
• Heat from the CHP heats turkey barn for 4000 animals
• Digestate as high-quality organic fertilizer