Location: Eiselfing, Germany
Biomass: Organic waste (horse manure, green waste)
Quantity: 12.000 t/a
Biogas: 1.200.000 Nm3/a
Performance: 300 kW el. Ø
0 homes
0 t/y
CO2 compensation

Eiselfing, Germany

Since the introduction of a separate collection of biowaste for private households, the amount of collected biowaste annually increased.

In 2017, according to waste statistics, around 4.35 million tonnes of biowaste were processed in biowaste treatment facilities in Germany. But there are just about 100 fermentation plants at around 1,000 composting plants. As a result, a large proportion of biowaste is only being composted, without utilizing the energy it contains. Disposal companies that want to secure their existence in the long term consider the cascaded use of biowaste.

Michael Maier’s biogas plant went into operation in 2011. At that time, horse manure was digested in winter and green waste of the region in summer. After 8 years of operation, a complete switch to biowaste was made without changing the plant technology. The digestate is being processed in the compost and soil production of the adjacent soil production plant.

Performance of the biogas plant:

• Dry fermentation of municipal biowaste (OFMSW)
• RSD-E solid state fermentation technology – complete substrate change after 8 years of operation
• Flexible feed-in of electricity according to EEG, to supply approx. 650 households (4 persons)
• CO2 savings: approx. 2,000 t/a (with 182-191 kg CO2-equ./t bio-waste)
• Compost and soil for retail sale