Location: Sundern, Germany
Biomass: Biowaste and green waste
Quantity: 22.000 t/a
Biogas: 2.200.000 Nm3/a
Performance: 580 kW el. Ø
0 homes
0 t/y
CO2 compensation

Sundern, Germany

Since the separate collection of bio-waste has become obligatory for private households in Germany, the amount collected annually has been increasing (4.35 million tonnes, 2017). However, there are only about 100 pure fermentation plants for every 1,000 composting plants. This means that a large proportion of biowaste is composted exclusively without using the energy it contains. For disposal companies who want to secure their business in the long term, this multi-use with a biogas plant is an investment in the future

Reimund and Friedrich Klute also followed this idea and in Sundern, at the Hellefelder Höhe, they recycle about 20,000 t/a of biowaste from the surrounding area in a solids fermentation plant before the digestate is further processed in composting.

Performance of the biogas plant:

• Solid fermentation of municipal biowaste (OFMSW)
• flexible feed-in of electricity to supply approx. 1,250 households (4 persons)
• Nitrogen flushing of the fermenter boxes to minimize emissions
• CO2 savings: at least 4,000 t/a (with 182-191 kg CO2-equ./t bio-waste)
• Quality compost for gardening and landscaping