Location: Tägerwilen, Switzerland
Biomass: (80%) green waste, (20%) livestock manure
Quantity: ≤ 14.000 t/a
Biogas: 1.260.000 Nm3/a
Performance: ≤ 80 Nm3/h Biomethan
0 homes
gas supply
0 t/y
CO2 compensation

Tägerwilen, Switzerland

In the Swiss canton of Thurgau, around 49,000 tonnes of green waste is delivered to collection points every year, passing the waste on to one of about 40 processing plants, mostly composting plants at the periphery of agricultural areas. According to the biomass concept of the canton of Thurgau of 2014, more biomass should be made available for digestion and being used for local energy production.

In the dry anaerobic digestion plant in Tägerwilen, next to the composting site, delivered green waste is first used for the production of natural gas and afterward for composting. The biomethane produced is fed into the local natural gas grid of Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

Performance of the biogas plant:

• Solid fermentation of green waste, farmyard manure and greenhouse waste
• Feed-in of biomethane into the gas grid of Kreuzlingen to supply 350-400 households
• Housed plant with exhaust cleaning to minimise odour emissions
• CO2 savings: at least 2,000 t/a (with 182-191 kg CO2-equ./t bio-waste)
• Compost for agriculture and gardening