A new type of biogas plant in Tuttwil TG, designed for the fermentation of agricultural solids, is about to be commissioned. Official Chinese representatives are already interested in the technology.

“I am very impressed”, says Li Zheng after his tour of the new turkey fattening stable and the associated biogas plant of the Heidi and Kolumban Helfenberger family in Tuttwil near Wängi. Zheng is mayor of the Shanghai Chongming district, an island in the People’s Republic of China with an area of 1,267 km² and a population of 660,000.

Together with his delegation and with representatives of the Swiss-China Chamber of Commerce, Zheng came to Tuttwil to learn about the technology of solid fermentation of agricultural waste. The deeper reason for this is that the Chinese government wants to make Chongming Island a model example of sustainable agricultural production. During their short trip through Switzerland, the delegation therefore also visited various companies in the clean-tech sector.

“The interest shown by the Chinese shows that we are on the right track with our technology,” said Karl-Heinz Restle, President and owner of Renergon International AG. During his recent visit to Shanghai, Restle learned about the enormous methane emissions from rice fields. Renergon has developed a concept for prevention which has met with great interest.  Restle can well imagine that a scientific cooperation with the Chinese could also be established.

Source: LEADER, 16.10.2018