The pressure for disposal and at the same time energy recovery for solid manure and organic waste is constantly increasing. The call for renewable energy and sustainability is getting louder. Biomass has become a valuable economic factor.

Especially when it comes to the energetic recovery of organic waste, the biogas plant is moving into focus. Stackable biomass and solid manure cannot be optimally utilized in conventional liquid biogas plants, which also causes increasingly rising disposal costs. By digesting solid manure and organic waste, biogas is produced, which is converted into valuable energy (electricity and heat). Another valuable end product is organic fertilizer for effective soil improvement for increased yields and reduced harvest losses.

Our unique problem solver, the RSD®-S compact-scale biogas plant, allows disposal and energy recovery to be economically successful and ecologically sustainable. This is also demonstrated by numerous examples from our customers. With our small-scale plant, we offer farmers and plant operators the opportunity to generate added value with by-products and to build up a calculable source of income over the years for the long-term vision of your agricultural business.

  • Renewable energy (electricity & heat)

  • Biomethane (grid feed-in, fuel CNG)

  • Healthy soils (fertilizer, compost)

  • Disposal plant as problem solver


Our compact Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Plant is the smart solution for decentralized power and heat generation as well as disposal of organic stackable substrates such as solid manure, green waste, landscape conservation material, garden and organic waste. The RSD®-S dry fermentation plant offers proven technology in the smallest possible space, economical in terms of investment and efficient in operation.

Highest substrate flexibility

  • Starting at 3,000 tons per year
  • Solid manure (horse, cattle, pig, poultry)
  • Garden waste, green waste
  • Harvest residues, straw
  • Biowaste

Standardized core product

  • Short construction time
  • Robust plant technology
  • Fits into any farm structure
  • No digestate storage

Low lifecycle costs

  • Robust plant technology
  • Low wear and tear
  • Stable biological process
  • Low downtimes and service times
  • Low energy self consumption

A successful case example
from practice

In Lehrte, Germany, the two farmers Adrian Bartels and Jens Boedecker recycle horse manure in a digestion biogas plant for dry matters. With their new problem solver for solid manure, the team of farmers shows how economically successful and ecologically sustainable this disposal of horse manure can be.

The biogas plant is increasingly in focus again, especially when it comes to the energetic exploitation of residues. By digesting stackable manure from animal farming and other organic waste matter, biogas is obtained, which is converted into electricity and heat in a CHP unit. Horse manure, that occurs in large quantities especially in larger farms and cannot be optimally utilized in conventional liquid biogas plants, causes additional costs for its disposal.


RENERGON is one of the most experienced and successful partners for agricultural and livestock farmers. From the construction of new plants to upgrading your existing biogas plant – everything is always tailored to your individual requirements. Our plants are outstanding for their maximum functionality and efficiency.


Customers all over the world rely on the advanced products and solutions of RENERGON. Tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements of our customers help to achieve the best possible results efficiently and with maximum flexibility.