As the demand for waste disposal and simultaneous energy recovery from solid manure and organic waste continues to rise, so does the call for renewable energy and sustainability. Biomass has emerged as a crucial economic contributor.

In particular, when it comes to harnessing the energy potential of organic waste, the spotlight is on biogas plants. Conventional liquid biogas facilities struggle to efficiently utilize stackable biomass and solid manure, leading to escalating disposal costs. Through the digestion of solid manure and organic waste, we produce biogas, which is then converted into valuable energy in the form of electricity and heat. Additionally, we create organic fertilizer, promoting effective soil improvement, boosting yields, and minimizing harvest losses.

Our innovative solution, the RSD®-S compact-scale biogas plant, ensures economically successful waste disposal and energy recovery, all while promoting ecological sustainability. Numerous success stories from our satisfied customers attest to this. With our small-scale plant, we offer farmers and plant operators the opportunity to generate added value from by-products and establish a reliable source of income for the long-term vision of your agricultural business.

  • Renewable energy (electricity & heat)

  • Biomethane (grid feed-in, fuel CNG)

  • Healthy soils (fertilizer, compost)

  • Disposal plant as problem solver


Our compact Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Plant represents an intelligent choice for decentralized power and heat generation, alongside the efficient disposal of organic stackable substrates like solid manure, green waste, landscape conservation material, garden waste, and biowaste. The RSD®-S dry fermentation plant leverages established technology within a minimal footprint, ensuring both cost-effective initial investment and efficient ongoing operation.

Substrate flexibility

  • High substrate flexibility (DM >20%)
  • Solid manure (horse, cattle, pig, poultry)
  • Biowaste, green waste
  • Harvest residues, straw

Standardized core

  • Robust plant technology
  • Short construction time
  • Fits into any farm structure

Low lifecycle costs

  • Low wear and tear
  • Stable biological process
  • Low downtimes and service times
  • Low energy self consumption

A successful example
from the field

In Lehrte, Germany, farmers Adrian Bartels and Jens Boedecker have embarked on a pioneering journey to recycle horse manure through a dry digestion biogas plant. With their innovative solution for solid manure, this farmer duo demonstrates the economic viability and ecological sustainability of horse manure disposal.

The biogas plant is once again taking center stage, particularly in the context of harnessing energy from residues. Through the digestion of stackable manure from animal farming and other organic waste, we extract biogas, which is efficiently converted into electricity and heat via a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit. Horse manure, which is abundant in larger farms and cannot be optimally utilized in traditional liquid biogas facilities, incurs additional disposal costs.


RENERGON stands as a trusted and accomplished partner for agricultural and livestock farmers. Whether you’re considering the construction of new facilities or enhancing your current biogas plant, our solutions are meticulously customized to meet your unique needs. Our installations are renowned for their exceptional functionality and unrivaled efficiency, delivering top-tier performance to empower your agricultural endeavors.


Customers all over the world rely on the advanced products and solutions of RENERGON. Tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements of our customers help to achieve the best possible results efficiently and with maximum flexibility.